One Asia Pacific's Profile

One Asia Pacific Utilities Private Limited quality policy is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.


Anti - Bacterial Disinfectant Liquid. It kills 99.9% germs and cleans tough stains. Glaze Floor Cleaner can be used on any floor, kitchen shelf, gas.......


Glaze Multi Wash Gel can safely be used on any floor with no fear of damage. No powdery residue on your floor after wash. Keeps your han.......


Car Wash effectively cleans the dirt, grease, oil, dust and the entire car surface by preserving its shineness. Specially formulated to prot.....


The soft & gentle Glaze Liquid Hand Wash is the only liquid soap which has coconut oil that keeps hands soft, unlike other hand wash products .......


Quality Policy

This level of quality is achieved thorugh adoption of a system of proceedures that reflect the competence of the company to existing customers, potential customers and independent auditing authorities.

Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all. This policy is provided and explained to each employee by the Managing Director or Quality Manager.

To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance the Managing Director retains responsibility for the Quality System with routine operation controlled by the Quality Manager.

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