About One Asia Pacific Utilities
One Asia Pacific Utilities Pvt. Ltd. is committed to uplift the standard of human life in an environment friendly and ecologically safe way. With high quality standards for developement and production and in - depth knowledge of materials, One Asia Pacific Utilities Pvt. Ltd. with its continuous research and developments proud to introduce Glaze hygienic cleaning product for instituitional purpose.

Glaze is a line of commercial and residential cleaning products which can be especially used in Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and Big Industrial houses. It’s effective antiseptic detergent formula acts as a strong disinfectant and remove dirt, normal stains and give odor to the floor and other surfaces. On dilution tot he prescribed extent, it is safe for the hands and skin. Most importantly it works better than you can imagine.

Glaze brand cleaning products includes Floor Cleaner, Dish Wash, Car Wash, Hand Wash and also fragrance Room Freshners with more exciting products to come in the near future.